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Dirtdigger's Himeros - Tarmo

Tricolor, broken coat
dob 16.12.2014
father Zeus Fioletowa Magia
mother Let's Rock Femme Fatale

Back :LTV4 (only 6 lumbar vertebra) VA1 (last ribs missing) NO SYMPTOMS He is doing FINE.

(His both parents are also LTV4 (only 6 lumbar vetebra, I did not know that before puppies), both are doing fine.

Hips B/C

Elbows 0/0

Knees 0/0

eyes clear 12.5.2017

correct sissor bite

no missing theeth


 color at/at

ARSCID (peittyvästi periytyvä puutteellinen immuniteetti) CLEAR

Hyperurikosuria CLEAR

 Ivermektiini-yliherkkyys (MDR)1 CLEAR

Lamellaarinen iktyoosi (LI) CLEAR

PLL (Primäärinen linssiluksaatio) CLEAR

Pahanlaatuinen hypertermia (MH) CLEAR


1year 3months

At the age of 6 months


At the age of 8 weeks