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18.1.2014 Turku KV-näyttely

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Dirtdgger's Erik Satie JUN EXC (picture).

Dirtdigger's Elephant Love Medley

Well balanced and feminine, nice flat skull, well set ears. Correct sissor bite. A bit upright on shoulder. Excellent neck and topline. Strong body, nice hind quarters. Well set tail and carriage. Strong coat. Moves free and sprengy? JUN EXC 1 CK BB 4.

Dirtdigger's Dazling Diamond Feminine. Nice head, nice flat skull. Well set ears. Strong muzzle, correct sissor bite. Front a bit pushed forward. Strong neck and topline. Well bodied, nice hind quarters Well set tail. Strong coat In the movement tail is carried too curly. Moves with good reach of fore quarters a bit short stepping on behind. VG.

Let's Rock Good Luck Charm OPEN EXC 2.

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